Despite direct and highly targeted competition from the dominant industry competitor, nudie still leads its category and has more than an 85% market share in the category.
In May 2004 the nudie factory, office and distribution centre were razed in a deliberately lit fire. This effectively put nudie out of business. Tim, and his team, fought back from this disaster and re-built the business extremely quickly. Product was back on shelves within 6 weeks.

In late 2005 Tim negotiated a deal with Nestle, the biggest food business in the world, to licence the nudie brand in the ice cream space. He worked with the Nestle product development team to create the nudie níice ice cream products, launched in December 2005.

The nudie níice product has been the most successful new ice cream launch Nestle have had in Australia for many years and they are now planning to launch 3 new flavours. The Nestle project was Timís last operational involvement with nudie and he left the nudie board in early 2006.
Tim retains a significant investment in nudie but has no involvement at all with the business.